Functional Medicine
Is One Of Our Mottos!

Arise aims to provide the best of conventional, natural, and supplemental therapies.

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Health & Wellness Services

Remember: a “clean bill of health” only partially addresses the whole person.
Nourish your body and balance your system with a customized
health & wellness plan. Experience Massage, IV Therapy, B12 Injections.

Massage Therapy

We offer a full service of massage and enhancements attainable to your individual needs to reach holistic health and wellbeing. Our massage therapist's Katy and Miranda promise to do their best to help you feel your best.


To address skin care needs and to maintain healthy and beautiful skin, it is recommended to receive a medical-grade facial monthly.


We are distributors for over 10 companies.  We can often obtain a specialty product of your choice that is sold to doctors only.
However, the main bulk of our supplements are sold from premier quality – yet price friendly – sources, such as “Pure Encapsulations”, “Douglas Labs”, USANA, Young Living Essential Oils, and Restorative Formulations.

We offer the Comprehensive Nutrition Assay (CNA) testing from Cell Sciences Laboratories. It checks 48 different levels of vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals.  Many people do not know what they are low on until they take a test such as this. Then, a patient can target their low areas for optimal nutrition and can feel better. The basic $299 CNA test is a simple blood draw. 

IV Therapy

Unlike other IV Centers (that are not run by certified doctors), we are able to offer HIGH DOSE IV therapies.  We have IV nutrient therapy for detoxification, for headache and brain support, for metabolism and weight loss support, and offerings that go beyond simple immune boosting.

Vitamin B12 and Lipo B Extreme

Lipo B Extreme is a simple intramuscular injection of 10 different compounds, including B complex vitamins, carnitine, and amino acids to boost metabolism.

Weight Management

If you have decided that you want to lose a few extra pounds, you must do it in a healthy manner. Simply going on a diet is difficult because there are temptations that can cause you to relapse. Going to a medical spa allows you to lose weight healthily, with professionals giving you personal attention and helping you meet your goals.

Our Values

Arise Med Spa Aesthetics & Wellness

Arise Med Spa Aesthetics & Wellness is a beloved medical spa in Burleson & Fort Worth, and we are ready to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

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